S6 altimetry instruments

New Sentinel-6 Altimetry Processing Baseline


S6 altimetry instruments
S6 altimetry instruments

Copernicus Sentinel-6 Payload Data Processing (PDP) will be updated to Processing Baseline F06 on 31 May 2022.

Last Updated

16 February 2023

Published on

13 May 2022

The Sentinel-6 PDP configuration update to Processing Baseline F06 only impacts High Resolution (HR) data for all timeliness. This update results in a significant improvement in the quality of HR geophysical retrievals. The new baseline reduces the number of Doppler beams (a.k.a looks) incoherently integrated within the stack to generate the multi-looked L1B power waveforms. This reduction, from originally 448 looks to now 322 looks, allows for not accounting in HR altimetry for undesired Doppler ambiguity effects within the stack observed from beginning of mission until present. With this new baseline, Significant Wave Height (SWH) differences between HR and LR are considerably reduced, and range differences between LR and HR are less dependent on SWH.

Product format and size remain unchanged.

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