Sentinel-6 A Spot

New Sentinel-6 Altimetry products Processing Baseline


Sentinel-6 A Spot
Sentinel-6 A Spot

Copernicus Sentinel-6 Payload Data Processing (PDP) will be updated to Processing Baseline F07 on 15 September 2022.

Last Updated

21 February 2023

Published on

01 September 2022

The Sentinel-6 PDP configuration update to Processing Baseline F07 adds a number of different improvements such as:

  • The availability of High Resolution Microwave Radiometer (HRMR) data in all radiometer products, extending the wet path delay measurements into coastal areas, with a performance goal of 1.0 cm accuracy within 5-50 km from the coast.
  • The usage of ECHO CAL as main source of CAL1, thus removing any impacts to SSHA retrievals from variations of internal path delay around the orbit.
  • The introduction of a forecasted dynamic atmospheric corrections (MOGF) in L2 NRT production, improving the NRT SSHA accuracy and crossovers differences.

An associated Product Notice is available.


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