Sentinel-6 A Spot

New Sentinel-6 Altimetry products Processing Baseline


Sentinel-6 A Spot
Sentinel-6 A Spot

Copernicus Sentinel-6 Payload Data Processing (PDP) will be updated to Processing Baseline F05 on 8 March 2022.

Last Updated

26 September 2023

Published on

03 March 2022

The Sentinel-6 PDP configuration update to Processing Baseline F05 introduces new orbit standards in POE (Precise Orbit Ephemerides) and MOE (Medium Orbit Ephemerides).

The products generated with this baseline will have improved quality in terms of orbit precision implemented by the new POE/MOE standards. From 8 March 2022, the Sentinel-6 Altimetry NRT/STC/NTC products will have the F05 updated processing baseline. Although the change of orbit standards does not apply to NRT products, these will also have F05 for consistency.

The processing baseline version for the Advanced Microwave Radiometer products will also be updated to F05 for consistency, but there will be no change to the product quality.

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