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New uplink service for EUMETCast Europe


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EUMETCast A Spot

The uplink service for EUMETCast Europe will be handed over to a new provider in December 2022.

Last Updated

09 November 2022

Published on

09 November 2022

Handover to a new service provider

The contract with the current provider of the EUMETCast Europe uplink service ends on 31 December 2022. The handover to the new provider is scheduled to take place on 15 December.

This should be transparent to users and no change on user side is required. However, an interruption to the service is to be expected during the handover process.

Following the handover, the uplink to the transponder C4 on EUTELSAT 10A (E10A-C4) through which EUMETCast Europe is currently operated (for the Basic Service and High Volume Service 1 (HVS-1)) and to E10A-C3 (the new transponder for the High Volume Service 2 (HVS-2) – see related announcement) will be done from one of the new uplink sites (Fucino or Lario, in Italy).

The HVS-2 currently uses E10A-C10 (the second transponder on E10A) and will keep being provided by the current service provider till the end of 2022.

It is recommended that users check their reception after the handover.

Temporary activation of EUMETCast Europe streams on Hotbird-13C, EUMETCast Europe backup satellite

EUMETCast Europe streams (Basic Service, HVS-1 and HVS-2) are, from now and until 15 December, active on Hotbird-13C (HB13C) from the new uplink sites. There currently is a verification and validation period (ending on 2 December) during which the service can be disrupted at any time. During the pre-operations phase, from 2 to 15 December, the service on HB13C will be stable.

Users can test their reception by receiving the EUMETCast Europe traffic from HB13C. The reception parameters can be found on the EUMETCast Europe Backup Satellite knowledge base.

Setup requirements

The antenna requirements for existing user locations are the same as for the operational service from E10A.

The choices are:

  1. Set up a separate reception chain for HB13C. See the satellite dish alignment section on how to point the antenna.
  2. Set up a multi-feed solution according to the Ku-band dual feed setup.

For full details on the backup satellite and the reception setup, see EUMETCast Europe Backup Satellite.

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.