Radio occultation (RO) A Spot

New version of EPS-SG Radio Occultation L1B test data


Radio occultation (RO) A Spot
Radio occultation (RO) A Spot

This RO test data version 2.1 is an update to a previously delivered Radio Occultation L1B test dataset (V2) that was released to users in January 2022.

Last Updated

19 December 2022

Published on

19 December 2022

The update includes products generated by processing of Beidou occultations.

The Radio Occultation (RO) instrument has a direct heritage from GRAS flying on Metop. Its main objective is to support Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and climate monitoring, by providing measurements of bending angle profiles in the troposphere and the stratosphere with a high vertical resolution and accuracy.

L1B test data description

The L1B test data is available on our SFTP site:

The RO level 1b product files are generated by using the EUMETSAT Radio Occultation reference processor. Each Level 1B product file refers to an individual occultation and contains the associated bending angle profiles and the low level data needed to produce them. Such low level data (level 1a) includes, among the other variables, dual frequency signal phases, excess-phases, SNRs and pseudoranges time series, as well as LEO and GNSS orbits arcs and clock biases.

The content and format of the L1B test data is in line with the specifications in the following documents, released together with this package.

The Readme file gives more information on the data package.

Note: all old versions are obsolete for format familiarisation purposes.

These test data are only intended for format familiarisation and system testing.

For more information and feedback on the test data, contact our User Service Helpdesk.