View of data access client

New version of the EUMETSAT Data Access Client released


View of data access client
View of data access client

The new version of the Data Access Client brings Sentinel-specific search capabilities.

Last Updated

21 February 2023

Published on

04 August 2022

To make it easier for our users to interact with EUMETSAT’s Data Access services, we have released an updated version of our Data Access Client. This release adds support for Sentinel-specific search capabilities of Data Store to the CLI.

The EUMETSAT Data Access Client (EUMDAC) simplifies the way users can discover, search, download, and customise data contained in the Data Store. Instead of writing lengthy code to download a particular product type for a specific time range, the user can do this with one or a few simple commands, invoking the client. EUMDAC is available as a Python library and a command-line executable (CLI).

New in release 1.2.0

Python Library

  • HTTP requests made with EUMDAC will now have a their referer and User-Agent attributes set.


  • Added support for new Sentinel-specific search capabilities in Data Store: timeliness, orbit, reference orbit and cycle number
  • Added support for searching by filename.
  • The specified output directory for downloads will now be created automatically.
  • MacOS binaries are now available.

The latest version of EUMDAC is available in the following channels:

Information on installation, usage and training material, including updated Jupyter Notebooks, can be found in the EUMDAC Knowledge Base.

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.


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