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New version of EUMETView released - March 2023


EUMETView A Spot (logo)
EUMETView A Spot (logo)

The EUMETView catalogue has been optimised to prepare for the coming new layers.

Last Updated

08 March 2023

Published on

07 March 2023

The release has some layers that are removed to optimise the number of products for creating some room for the new visualisations.

Removed layers:

  • RSS: Airmass and Tropical Airmass RGBs
  • Multimission: Convection and Fog RGBs
  • Copernicus: S3A and S3B SLSTR L3U SST product
Map data download
Figure 1: Example of Map Data Download

As an extra feature, the PNG images now have a transparent background for no-data pixels when saved without the base layer in 'Map Data Download' settings. This will allow users to combine and overlay saved imagery with other images.

For a better experience, please clear your browser's cache.

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