Low visibility city view with haze and fog. Credit: Sugrit

New version of PMAp coming soon


Low visibility city view with haze and fog. Credit: Sugrit
Low visibility city view with haze and fog. Credit: Sugrit

A new version of the Polar Multi-sensor Aerosol optical properties product, PMAp, will be released on 2 February 2023.

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26 January 2023

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26 January 2023

The new version of PMAp, Version 2.2.5, essentially brings the following enhancements:

  • Addressing the main limitation of the last release for the retrieval over land, but improving the retrieval over ocean as well.
  • Improvement of the consistency between Metop-B, and -C over land and ocean.
  • Upgrading the product status to 'operational' over land.

Details of the changes in V2.2.5 compared to the previous version V2.2.4 are listed below:

  • This version of PMAp mainly addresses some of the limitations of the previous release over land. For Metop-C, the change is notable over both land and ocean. The impact on Metop-B is minor and over ocean, it improves the product in terms of consistency between the Metop platforms and other satellite AOD products. The retrieved aerosol properties from both Metops are now much more consistent.
  • One important improvement is due to the need to update the degradation correction of GOME-2 L1b data. This was recognised through several anomalies observed in the AOD product: i) significant variation of AOD along the swath width over land and ocean (initially known only over bright land) and ii) increase of pixels with AOD=0. The degradation correction coefficients of GOME-2 have been updated for both Metop-B and -C.
  • The additional radiometric adjustment, needed before the aerosol retrieval itself, is updated for Metop-B, and is calculated for Metop-C for the first time.
  • As a direct result of the mentioned updates, the consistency between PMAp-B and -C increased.

The status of the PMAp aerosol product over Ocean is 'operational' since 2014. With this new release v2.2.5, the status of PMAp over Land becomes also 'operational'.

A test data time series reprocessed with the new v2.2.5 is available on our SFTP server:


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