Sentinel-6 A Spot

New version of Sentinel-6 Payload Data Processing


Sentinel-6 A Spot
Sentinel-6 A Spot

Copernicus Sentinel-6 Payload Data Processing (PDP) will be updated to version V3.4.2 on 9 November 2021.

Last Updated

05 November 2021

Published on

04 November 2021

PDP v3.4.2 (Baseline Collection F04) contains several improvements to the Altimetry Low Resolution (LR) and MWR data in NRT and STC timeliness.

The main changes are updates in the handling of the CAL1 calibration files, which improve the long-term stability of measurements in NRT and NTC.

Note: ALT LR NRT/STC and MWR NRT/STC products covered by this release have been successfully validated; ALT HR (NRT/STC/NTC), ALT LR NTC and MWR NTC products are still under validation.

Further information is included in the accompanying Product Notice.

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