Spire Lemur satellites constellation.

NOAA-procured Radio Occultation data on EUMETCast soon


Spire Lemur satellites constellation.
Spire Lemur satellites constellation.

Level-1B NOAA-procured Spire Radio Occultation data processed by EUMETSAT and Level-2 product generated by the ROM SAF, based on these Level-1B data, will be available on EUMETCast from 20 June 2023.

Last Updated

26 September 2023

Published on

15 June 2023

L1B NOAA-procured Spire RO data processed by EUMETSAT

The data have been fully validated and are considered operational.

3300 occultations are expected per day.

The data will be provided in BUFR and netCDF formats.

Example filenames




SPIRE_NOAA_1B_FM120_20230514224339Z_20230514224534Z_N_ O_20230515235945Z_G06_NN.nc

The data will be distributed on EUMETCast Europe (High Volume Service 1) and EUMETCast Terrestrial:

EUMETCast Europe (BUFR data)

Channel: E1H-TPL-1
Multicast address:
PID: 601

EUMETCast Terrestrial (BUFR and netCDF data)

Channel: T01-TPL-1
Multicast address:

L2 product generated by the ROM SAF, based on L1B NOAA-procured Spire RO data processed by EUMETSAT

The ROM SAF L2 BUFR product contains vertical profiles of atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and refractivity. The ROM SAF data generation is based on the NOAA Level 1B NRT data (bending angle) provided by EUMETSAT, and includes a copy of the EUMETSAT NRT bending angle.

It currently has ‘demonstration’ status.

Example filename


The product will be distributed on EUMETCast Europe and EUMETCast Terrestrial:

EUMETCast Europe

Channel: E1B-SAF-6
Multicast address:
PID: 500

EUMETCast Terrestrial

Channel: T01-SAF
Multicast address:

For both L1B and L2, the BUFR files contain an extra descriptor for the satellite sub-identifier (descriptor 0 01 016) in BUFR Section 3. This descriptor comes immediately before the RO BUFR sequence of descriptors (descriptor 3 10 026). Master Table Version 39 (or higher) is required to decode the BUFR data.

To indicate that these data are procured by NOAA, the sub-centre code in BUFR Section 1 is set to 220.

The time significance in the BUFR files (descriptor 0 08 021) is set to 25, meaning ‘nominal reporting time’, and consequently the time increment (descriptor 0 04 016) is always zero.

Users who are already subscribed to receive Commercial Radio Occultation Level 1B data, and ROM SAF data, respectively, will receive these new data automatically. Other users wishing to receive these data should register via our Earth Observation Portal (EOP).

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.