Sea ice. Credit: Hortigüela

OSI SAF Sea Ice products to be upgraded


Photo credit: Hortigüela

Sea ice. Credit: Hortigüela
Sea ice. Credit: Hortigüela

The OSI SAF Sea Ice Edge and Sea Ice Type products will be upgraded on 3 June 2021.

Last Updated

04 October 2022

Published on

20 May 2021

The current versions of these products are OSI-402-c for the Sea Ice Edge and OSI-403-c for the Sea Ice Type. On 3 June, they will be replaced with the operational upgraded products, labelled OSI-402-d and OSI-403-d respectively.

Main changes in the upgraded versions are:

  • Sea Ice Type newly introduced for the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Use of Metop-B and -C input data instead of Metop-A and -B.
  • Change of product format from netCDF3 to netCDF4.
  • Introduction of associated uncertainty fields. The uncertainty field replaces the previous ‘confidence level’ variable which will disappear. The confidence level can be reconstructed from the new uncertainty variable.

More information on the upgraded products can be found on the OSI SAF web pages:

Sea Ice Edge:

Sea Ice Type:

Sample data are available here:
Sea Ice Edge:
Sea Ice Type:

Users already subscribed to receive OSI SAF products via EUMETCast will receive these upgraded products automatically. Other users wishing to receive these products should register via our Earth Observation Portal (EOP).

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.