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Release of proxy MTG FCI Level 1C datasets

MTG satellites in orbit
MTG satellites in orbit

Proxy Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) Flexible Combined Imager (FCI) Level 1C datasets are now available for user familiarisation.

Last Updated

09 November 2020

Published on

27 June 2019

 SEVIRI RGB image from mid-day taken from the dataset that was used as a proxy data to generate the FCI images.
Figure 1: SEVIRI RGB image from mid-day taken from the dataset that was used as a proxy data to generate the FCI images.

Following the provision in 2017 of simulated MTG FCI Level 1C datasets, we are now releasing new proxy MTG FCI Level 1C datasets.

Dataset description

The term 'dataset' refers to a number of files or 'chunks' associated to a FCI repeat cycle (one complete 10-minute Earth disc scan = one repeat cycle). Each dataset comprises several body chunk netCDF-4 files that contain observational data, one trailer chunk netCDF-4 file, and one RGB composite quick-look png file.

These proxy datasets are based on MSG SEVIRI data. They are in the final format and are highly representative of an operational FCI Level 1C dataset. They are intended for format familiarisation and system testing purposes.

Package usage

FTP access:

The datasets are provided in compressed and uncompressed versions:

  • Compressed version: The radiance data are compressed with the CharLS algorithm, as they will be when disseminated to users in near-real time during MTG operations. The ‘Compressed’ directory contains a set of tarred and zipped sub-directories (each one contains all the product chunks for a repeat cycle). There are also two check sum files (one for each repeat cycle and one for all chunks).
  • Uncompressed version: This is how the data will be archived. The ‘Uncompressed’ directory is set up in the same way as the ‘Compressed’ directory.

In addition, the following is provided on the FTP:

  • A decompression software, together with an installation guide and a user guide
  • MTG EUMETCast simulator: The MTG EUMETCast simulator simulates the delivery of MTG products to a EUMETCast reception station. It uses 24 hours of MTG FDSS-FCI L1C test data and transfers the files to a specified target directory on EUMETCast reception station using ftp protocol, in the exact time of their delivery via EUMETCast.


Test data package description

For more information and feedback on the test datasets, contact our User Service Helpdesk.