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Reception testing on EUMETCast Europe backup satellite


EUMETCast A Spot
EUMETCast A Spot

Reception testing on EUMETCast Europe backup satellite is currently going on, to ensure a transparent handover of the EUMETCast Europe uplink service to a new provider.

Last Updated

19 January 2023

Published on

19 January 2023

Following the EUMETCast Europe uplink service handover to a new provider on 15 December 2022, a number of users have reported issues with their reception of EUMETCast Europe services on EUTELSAT-10A transponder C4, through which the Basic Service (BAS) and High Volume Service 1 (HVS-1) are operated.

The service was switched back to the previous provider on 19 December in order to seek possibilities to make the handover transparent for affected users.

A solution is now identified and is being trialled using the EUMETCast Europe backup satellite, Hotbird-13C, using transponder 6 (HB13C-6). EUMETCast Europe streams (BAS and HVS-1) are, from now until 30 January 2023, active on HB13C-6.

We welcome end-user participation in the trial, testing reception by receiving the EUMETCast Europe traffic from HB13C-6, and providing feedback to our User Service Helpdesk.

The reception parameters are listed in the following table.

Parameter Transponder
Name HB13C
Transponder 6
Down Link Frequency 11316.72 MHz
L-band Frequency
(LNB LOF=9750MHz)
1566.72 MHz
Symbol Rate 33000 kS/s
Polarisation Vertical
Roll-Off 5%
Transmission Standard DVB-S2, VCM mode
MODCOD 1 — Basic Service 8PSK3/5
MODCOD 2 — High Volume Service 16APSK2/3 MPE TS, ISI=1

Setup requirements

The antenna requirements for existing user locations are the same as for the operational service from E10A. The choices are:

  1. Set up a separate reception chain for HB13C. See the satellite dish alignment section on how to point the antenna.
  2. Set up a multi-feed solution according to the Ku-band dual feed setup.

For full details on the backup satellite and the reception setup, see EUMETCast Europe Backup Satellite.

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.