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Release of the Data Tailor desktop version 2.7.1

Data Tailor A Spot
Data Tailor A Spot

The Data Tailor desktop version 2.7.1 available to users from 22 October 2020.

Last Updated

21 January 2021

Published on

22 October 2020

Users can download the new release from its project on the EUMETSAT GitLab instance. We recommend that users install it using the pre-built conda packages available from the release page.

Notable changes since the 2.6.0 release are:


  • Automatic build of DT conda constructor package with CI pipelines on Linux.
  • New manual job in CI allows creating pdfs for all sphinx documents.
  • First automated tests for GUI validation.
  • API and REST API report on usage of user quota.
  • EDTS: User quota activable and configurable.
  • Added a configurable limit to the max shapefile size allowed to upload.
  • Monitoring concurrent users on system.
  • Monitoring total customisation time per user.
  • Setup a fair-shared queuing.


  • Applied to Python code the Black coding style and f-string syntax.
  • User quota configuration reviewed and improved.
  • EDT: inhibit new customisations if a user has already used all his quota.
  • Updated DTWS user info URL.
  • Disabled input product selection when in "epcs" deployment.
  • Input product type(s) automatically discovered using Data Store REST API.
  • Allowed user configuration of compression wrappers.
  • Improvements to ELK stack and reports.
  • Automatized multiple manual tests.


  • Removed advertising of unavailable features for ASCATL1SZF product.
  • Configuration of user info in DTWS deployment was lacking.


  • DT configuration in Docker container now stored in conda environment as well.

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.