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Release of a new version of the EUMETSAT Data Tailor

Data Tailor A Spot
Data Tailor A Spot

A new version (v2.9) of the EUMETSAT Data Tailor has been released today (16 December 2020).

Last Updated

20 January 2021

Published on

16 December 2020

This new version offers the xRIT format customisation for the High Rate SEVIRI Level 1.5 Image Data Collection. Note: the version of this format is not Wavelet Compressed.

Full details on this release can be found on the Data Tailor open source Git repository.

Feedback from users on this release is welcome and can be sent to our User Service Helpdesk.

For more information on the EUMETSAT Data Tailor, see EUMETSAT Data Tailor - EUMETSAT Public Confluence.