Waves breaking on sea wall. Credit: Zacarias da Mata

Release of Sentinel-3 Altimetry Marine BC005 reprocessed dataset


Waves breaking on sea wall. Credit: Zacarias da Mata
Waves breaking on sea wall. Credit: Zacarias da Mata

The full Copernicus Sentinel-3 Marine Altimetry mission has been reprocessed to the latest standards and will be available to all users on 31 July 2023.

Last Updated

28 July 2023

Published on

27 July 2023

This reprocessing follows the operational implementation of the new Baseline Collection 005 (BC005), providing users with a coherent timeline from the beginning of the mission until now.

This baseline brings a major improvement to the sea level retrievals, including long-term stability, since several issues have been fixed and standards and corrections have been improved.

The wind and wave retrievals have also been enhanced, including the addition of the wind speed calculated from two parameters, backscatter coefficient and significant wave height, in line with Sentinel-6.

To assist users in screening out potentially suspicious data, dedicated quality flags have been added for key retrievals such as Sea Level, Wind, and Waves.

More details about the BC005.

The data can be assessed from the Data Store, the same source to obtain Operational data, but on dedicated collections for the BC005 datasets:

Reprocessed dataset (BC005) Collection ID Data Store direct link (available from 31 July 2023)
SRAL/MWR Level 2 (SR_2_WAT___) EO:EUM:DAT:0834 https://data.eumetsat.int/product/EO:EUM:DAT:0834
SRAL Level 1B (SR_1_SRA___) EO:EUM:DAT:0833 https://data.eumetsat.int/product/EO:EUM:DAT:0833
SRAL Level 1A (SR_1_SRA_A_) EO:EUM:DAT:0836 https://data.eumetsat.int/product/EO:EUM:DAT:0836
SRAL Level 1B-S (SR_1_SRA_BS) EO:EUM:DAT:0835 https://data.eumetsat.int/product/EO:EUM:DAT:0835

This release note for this reprocessing provides detailed information about the reprocessed dataset.

A series of dedicated reports is being prepared and will be published here.

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