3MI A Spot

Release of simulated EPS-SG 3MI Level 1C test data


3MI A Spot
3MI A Spot

EUMETSAT Polar System-Second Generation (EPS-SG) simulated Multi-Viewing Multi-Channel Multi-Polarisation Imaging (3MI) Level 1C test data are now available for user familiarisation (1 April 2021).

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22 September 2021

Published on

01 April 2021

The EPS-SG 3MI is a passive imager dedicated primarily for measuring aerosols and clouds. It has a direct heritage from the POLarization and Directionality of the Earth's Reflectances (POLDER) onboard the ADEOS satellites.

Test data description

The EPS-SG 3MI L1C test data, in netCDF format, are available via our ftp site:

The test data is accompanied by EPS-SG 3MI Level 1C Product Format Specification (PFS V3C) document, which provides a detailed format description including the netCDF group structure, meta data description and the size of the data per orbit.

All EPS-SG product types generated by the EPS-SG Ground Segment are NetCDF-4 files complying with the generic structure and data model set out in the (GPFS V3D), which is also made available with this release.

These data are intended for format familiarisation and system testing.

Documentation available via ftp

EPS-SG 3MI Level 1C Product Format Specification

EPS-SG Generic Product Format Specification (GPFS)


For more information and feedback on the test data, contact our User Service Helpdesk.