Sentinel-3 Control Centre, Darmstadt

Sentinel-3 ground segment


Sentinel-3 Control Centre, Darmstadt
Sentinel-3 Control Centre, Darmstadt

The Sentinel-3 ground segment comprises of a number of interconnected sites with different responsibilities.

Last Updated

16 February 2023

Published on

26 May 2020

Ground stations, both S-Band and X-Band, are shared with Sentinel 1, 2 and other missions, and are managed by ESA as part of their service to EUMETSAT, under the respective agreements with the EC.

EUMETSAT has the responsibility for the operation of the Sentinel-3 Marine Centre, as well as the operation of the Flight Operations segment, spacecraft operations, for routine operations.

Ground segment sites

Function Site
Core Ground Stations KSAT, Svalbard
Land Processing and Archiving Centres DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen (for OCLI)
ACRI, Sophia - Antipolis (for SLSTR and Synergy)
CLS, Toulouse (for SRAL)
Marine Centre EUMETSAT, Darmstadt
Payload Data Management Centre ESRIN, Frascati
Mission Performance Centre ACRI, Sophia - Antipolis
Precise Orbit Determination Service GMV, Madrid
Flight Operations Segment LEOP + Commissioning ESOC, Darmstadt
Flight Operations Segment Routine Operations EUMETSAT, Darmstadt

Core ground segment elements

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  • ESA and EUMETSAT Flight Operations Segment (FOSs): responsible for all aspects of the Sentinel satellite flight operations, including spacecraft monitoring and control.
  • Core Ground Stations: where the Sentinel X-Band data are down linked and the NRT land products are generated.
  • Offline Land Processing and Archiving Centres (PACs): where systematic offline data processing is performed. All data products are archived in a long term archive and are available online in a rolling archive for access by users.
  • Marine Centre: where NRT and offline marine products are systematically generated and the marine calibration, validation, quality control and mission performance activities are carried out. Marine products/data are archived in a long-term archive, made available in an online rolling archive and via EUMETCast.
  • Mission Performance Centre (MPC): responsible for land calibration, validation, quality control and mission performance activities and for support to the marine mission performance activities.
  • Sentinel Precise Orbit Determination (POD) service: providing precise orbits for the offline processing.
  • Copernicus Space Component Wide Area Network (CSC WAN): connects all centres and provides disseminated data products to the land users.