S6 altimetry instruments

Sentinel-6 Altimetry instruments

S6 altimetry instruments
S6 altimetry instruments

The Sentinel-6 satellites carry the six instruments for the altimetry mission.

Last Updated

17 June 2021

Published on

20 April 2021


POSEIDON-4: Radar Altimeter (POS-4)

The Radar Altimeter will make measurements of the range to the surface in two frequency bands, separated sufficiently that the path delay due to the refractive index of the ionospheric plasma (which varies as the inverse square of frequency) may be adequately determined from the apparent range difference between the measurements.



Advanced Microwave Radiometer (AMR-C) (3 frequencies)

The Advanced Microwave Radiometer supports the measurement of range to the ocean surface, made by the Radar Altimeter, by providing an estimate of the 'excess' delay due to water vapour in the atmosphere.



DORIS receiver

The DORIS receiver (based on Jason3/S3 receivers),  enable the system-level Precise Orbit Determination (POD) requirements to be met.



The GPS-POD receiver will provide data that will be used to enable the system-level Precise Orbit Determination (POD) requirements to be met and to synchronise on-board time.


Laser Retro-reflector Array (LRA)

The Laser Retro-reflector Array (LRA) provides a reference target for satellite laser ranging (SLR) measurements, which are necessary to calibrate the POD system and the altimeter throughout the mission.


Radiation Environment Monitor (REM)

The Radiation Environment Monitor is installed externally on the fore panel and provides all elements necessary to monitor in flight protons, electrons, and heavy ions fluxes.