Sentinel-6 control room

Sentinel-6 ground segment


Sentinel-6 control room
Sentinel-6 control room

The Copernicus Sentinel-6 ground segment reflects the international collaboration that underpins the mission.

Last Updated

23 June 2023

Published on

20 April 2021

  • EUMETSAT has responsibility for ground segment development and coordination at system level, including for operations preparation.
  • EUMETSAT also has responsibility for operations of the European part of the ground segment, including processing of altimeter data and delivery of product services to European users.
  • NASA has responsibility for the development and delivery of the US payload instruments, the MW radiometer and the GNSS radio occultation receiver.
  • NASA provides ground segment development support and will contribute to operations and data processing on the US side, including processing of GNSS radio occultation data.
  • NASA and NOAA will share responsibility for the distribution of products to research and operational users in the US.
  • NOAA provides a US ground station for tracking and command of the satellite and data down links.
  • CNES has responsibility for processing higher-level products (L2B, L3) and for providing precise orbit determination and support for Doris and altimeter operations.
  • The Copernicus POD (Precise Orbit Determination) Service is responsible of the provision of Near-Real Time (NRT) POD products as well as auxiliary data files required for the generation of precise orbit products.

Ground segment sites

Function Site
Ground stations NOAA, Fairbanks; EU MDA, Kiruna
Mission operations EUMETSAT, Darmstadt
LEOP service ESA-ESOC, Darmstadt
Altimetry processing, archive and dissemination EUMETSAT, Darmstadt
AMR-C and RO mission performance NRT: NASA JPL, Pasadena
NTC: EUMETSAT, Darmstadt
GNSS-RO processing, archive and dissemination NASA JPL, Pasadena
DORIS mission performance CNES, Toulouse
Level 2 NTC RO processing ROM SAF, DMI Copenhagen
Altimetry Level-2P/3 product quality CNES, Toulouse
NRT POD products CPOD service, Madrid

Core ground segment elements

S6 ground segment schematic