Detail photo of MCC

Status of satellites and our data


Status of our geostationary and polar satellites and the data

Detail photo of MCC
Detail photo of MCC

Information on the status of our satellite instruments and data, including maintenance, enhancements and service outages.

Last Updated

12 January 2022

Published on

12 May 2020

Consult our Operational Service Status indicator for a near real-time view of the status of the operational services provided on EUMETCast.

Go to our User Notification Service (UNS) for information on service alerts, scheduled maintenance and service enhancements. You can subscribe to UNS email notifications via the Earth Observation Portal. In addition, users can receive regular updates on scheduled maintenance and service enhancements through our EUMETSAT Users Twitter feed.

We provide a range of operational reports which provide information on the status and quality of our satellites, instruments and data. The Central Operations Reports provide summary performance information on our operational services based upon our Operational Services Specification.