Providing precise data throughout the atmosphere


The Spinning Enhanced Visible and InfraRed Imager (SEVIRI) is MSG's primary instrument and has the capacity to observe the Earth in 12 spectral channels.

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02 September 2022

Published on

28 May 2020

Inside the SEVIRI instrument
Inside the SEVIRI instrument

SEVIRI has twelve spectral channels, as opposed to three on the previous system. These provide more precise data throughout the atmosphere, giving improved quality to the starting conditions for numerical weather prediction models.

Eight of the channels are in the thermal infrared, providing, among other information, permanent data about the temperatures of clouds, land and sea surfaces. One of the channels is called the High Resolution Visible (HRV) channel, and has a sampling distance at nadir of 1km, as opposed to the 3km resolution of the other visible channels.

Using channels that absorb ozone, water vapour and carbon dioxide, MSG satellites allows meteorologists to analyse the characteristics of atmospheric air masses and reconstruct a three-dimensional view of the atmosphere.

The improved horizontal image resolution for the visible light spectral channel (1km as opposed to 2.5km) also helps weather forecasters in detecting and predicting the onset or end of severe weather.

For details on the data and products available from SEVIRI see our 0 Degree service page.

SEVIRI product releases

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