Sharp Dust Boundary over northern Africa

Sharp dust boundary over northern Africa

29 March 2018 00:00–21:00 UTC

Sharp Dust Boundary over northern Africa
Sharp Dust Boundary over northern Africa

A sharp dust boundary formed in March 2018, after the clash of a dry and dusty Saharan air mass with a moist tropical air mass.

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11 March 2022

Published on

29 March 2018

By Ivan Smiljanic (SISYS)

A dry, dusty air mass from the Sahara, advected towards the south, confronted a tropical air mass from the outflow of a ITCZ convective system over southern Sudan and Chad.

An irregular frontal line formed in that area around 08:00 UTC on 29 March, defined by local orography.

Along the formed front, dusty air from the north was pushed against the moist air from the south, forming a relatively sharp boundary. This boundary is clearly seen in the high resolution True Color RGB imagery (Figure 1).

Image comparison

Terra MODIS True Color image, 29 March 08:25 compare1

Figure 1: Comparison of Aqua and Terra MODIS True Color RGB images, 29 March 08:25 UTC and 11:30 UTC