METimage A Spot

Simulated EPS-SG VII (METimage) Level-2 test data


METimage A Spot
METimage A Spot

EUMETSAT Polar System-Second Generation (EPS-SG) simulated VII (METimage) Level-2 test data released in June 2020.

Last Updated

24 March 2022

Published on

18 June 2020

The EPS-SG Visible Infrared Imager (METimage) will provide continuity to the AVHRR series on board the Metop and NOAA satellites, and VIIRS on board NOAA satellites.

Test data description

The test data are available here:

 METimage Level 2 Cloud Top Temperature test data
Figure 1: METimage Level 2 Cloud Top Temperature test data

The METimage L2 test data are generated using the in-house Multi Satellite Prototype Processor as an example for nominal Near Real-Time global/regional processing of VII L2 products.

The data, in netCDF format, comprise the following:

L2 product containing

  • Total Precipitable Water product (from visible/near-IR observations).
  • Total Precipitable Water product (IR observations).
  • Cloud optical and microphysical properties, cloud Liquid/Ice Water Path (LWP, IWP) and Volcanic Ash (VA) product.
  • Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV) product.

Corresponding file is VII-L2.tar.gz and associated checksum file is VII-L2.md5.

L2 Cloud Mask product

Corresponding file is VII-L2CM.tar.gz and associated checksum file is VII-L2CM.md5.

These test data are intended for format familiarisation and system testing.

Documentation available via FTP

EPS-SG VII Level 2 Product Format Specification
EPS-SG VII Level 2 Cloud Mask Product Format Specification
EPS-SG Generic Product Format Specification
Readme file

For more information and feedback on the test data, contact our User Service Helpdesk.