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Simulated MTG FCI L1c test dataset dissemination


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EUMETCast will disseminate a simulated MTG FCI L1c test dataset (MTGTD-360) from 13 February-6 March 2023.

Last Updated

27 February 2023

Published on

06 February 2023

Following a request from the MTG User Preparation Project user group, and with the objective of testing future FCI data reception via EUMETCast, processing, system load and display by users, a simulated MTG FCI L1c test dataset is being disseminated via EUMETCast Europe and EUMETCast Terrestrial from 13 February-6 March.

The simulated MTG FCI L1 test dataset is identical to the May 2022 release of simulated FCI test data (Ref.: MTGTD-360, MTG test data and Dataset Description). It contains 24 hours of simulated FCI L1c full-disc channels at normal resolution, that are spectrally representative of the actual MTG FCI output, using the latest spectral response functions. The dataset only contains the compressed version of the data.

In terms of data volumes, please note that the compressed MTGTD-360 dataset is significantly smaller (factor 4-5) than what is expected from real compressed FCI spectra. This may compromise its use for system load testing. The reasons are that, due to the simulation, the MTGTD-360 dataset has (i) some missing or zero values near the edge of the disc, and (ii) smoother, less noisy characteristics than real spectra would have. Both factors give rise to more efficient compression of the data.

Format differences between the MTGTD-360 format specification and the version of the FCI L1 ground segment (IDPF-I) used at the start of FCI commissioning is documented in Format Comparison between MTGTD-360 FCI L1C products and operational FCI L1C products.

Service details

EUMETCast Europe, High Volume Service 2 (HVS-2)

Channel: E2H-MTG-1

MC address:

PID: 610

EUMETCast Terrestrial 2 (TER-2)

Channel: T02-MTG-1

MC address:

Note: In order to receive data on TER-2, users need to have installed the latest tellicast-client version (V2.14.7) for Windows or Linux. Users also need to enable and start the ter-2 instance on their reception station. More information on this is available in the manuals and README (Tellicast) files.

Users interested in getting access to the simulated MTG FCI L1c test dataset should contact our User Service Helpdesk.