MTG Sounding A Spot

Release of simulated MTG IRS Level 1B data package


MTG Sounding A Spot
MTG Sounding A Spot

Simulated Level 1B dataset of the InfraRed Sounder (IRS), which will fly on Meteosat Third Generation sounding satellites (MTG-S), available for user familiarisation December 2019.

Last Updated

09 December 2021

Published on

12 December 2019

Dataset description

The dataset consists of a IRS dwell containing Level 1B spectra in native and Principle Component form, provided in netCDF format in line with the current IRS Level 0 and 1 Format Specification.

It is intended for format familiarisation and system testing.

Package usage

FTP access:

The MTG IRS Level 1B dataset is delivered as a compressed tar file: IRS_L1b_Format_Familiarisation_2.2.tar.gz

The unpacked contents are:

  • W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SND+SAT,MTS1+IRS-1B-SSS--Q1--CHK-BODY-- DIS-NC4E_C_EUMT_20191112155611_IDPFS_DEV_20160315120800_2016031512081
    contains the noisy radiances and dwell geometry information encoded in the full L1B spectra format scaled as 2byte integers.
  • W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SND+SAT,MTS1+IRS-1B-PC--Q1--CHK-BODY-- DIS-NC4E_C_EUMT_20191112154713_IDPFS_DEV_20160315120800_2016031512081
    contains the above radiances re-encoded as principle components scaled as 4 byte integers, using the Eigen vectors and reconstruction operator provided in the following static support file.
  • contains the Eigenvectors and Reconstruction Operator
  • Sha256sum.txt: checksum file


A Package Description is provided via the above FTP server.

For more information and feedback on the dataset, contact our User Service Helpdesk.