Skills development award

Skills development award


Providing opportunities to advance skills in the field of satellite data analysis and exploitation

Skills development award
Skills development award

The skills development award offers short-term placements, where award holders travel to EUMETSAT or another institution; or your organisation hosts an expert from another institution.

Last Updated

20 December 2021

Published on

24 July 2020

The objective is to respond to a specific expertise requirement within operational, application or research areas, to strengthen networks and to foster collaborations with EUMETSAT and institutions in the member states areas. You may be in the early stages of your career or more established; what matters is that you are extending your work with new data or applications.

The primary focus of this scheme is the exploitation of EUMETSAT data. We assess applications considering how the data will make a difference to your work.

How long?

From a minimum of two weeks to a few months.

Duration of placement determined according to the skills development requirements.

Who is this is for?

For EUMETSAT-funded placements

Applicants from EUMETSAT member states, whose application is endorsed by the national meteorological service.

Applications are also accepted from training centres where EUMETSAT has an existing partnership (VLab, GMES-Africa, etc). In these cases, the application is endorsed by the director of the training centre.

Financial support

The aim of this grant is to support the costs associated with the exchange visit. EUMETSAT will cover all, or part, of the costs for: travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses of the participant.

How to apply

Potential applicants may wish to discuss their ideas prior to application — please contact

Application shall include:

  • A project description of up to two pages. This should consist of a rationale, objectives, methods, development plan, resources needed and timing.
  • A CV, including publications and/or achievements.
  • An endorsement letter from the receiving/sending institute, that describes how the skills will be used on completion of the placement.
  • Applicants may submit other sources of information, such as support letters from supervisors.

Application deadlines

The applications can be submitted at anytime to to They will be evaluated quarterly (January/March/ June/September). Applications will be evaluated by the training team and you will get feedback within one month.

After completion of the placement

Successful applicants will submit a report to the host institution and EUMETSAT, within 30 days from the end date of the placement. An abstract of the report will be published on the EUMETSAT website. The report summarises:

  • Purpose of the skill development mission.
  • Description of the work carried out during the placement.
  • Description of the main results obtained.
  • Future collaboration with EUMETSAT or the host institution (if applicable).

We know that case studies help others learn what can be done with the data. We encourage you to prepare a case study demonstrating/applying the skills and findings achieved during the work with the host; if possible, including a tutorial for others to learn from.