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SST example
SST example

Timeline of the of the SLSTR processing baselines of Sentinel-3.

Last Updated

16 February 2023

Published on

10 October 2019

Sentinel-3 Sea Surface Temperature Services processing baselines timeline
Processing baseline IPF versions Product notice PB deployment date (NRT) Dataset
(sensing time & server)
Major changes
PB 2.71-MARINE SLSTR L2 (SL_2) 06.19 Sentinel-3 Product Notice – SLSTR Level-2 Sea Surface Temperature 14/12/2020 Operational:
From: 14/12/2020
To: Current
Fix to ADI calculation in sunglint.
Impact is more QL=5 data. New SSES ADF for S3A only to compensate for CFT change on 14 October 2020.
PB 2.73/1.5 SLSTR L1 (SL_1)   12/11/2020 Operational:
From: 12/11/2020
To: Current
Update in probabilistic cloud mask ADF.
PB 2.59/1.40* SLSTR L1 (SL_1) 06.17 L1 PN (2.59/1.40)
09/06/2020 Operational:
From: 09/06/2020
To: 12/11/2020
This version corrects the upper BT limit for the SLSTR-B S7 oblique view channel.
PB 2.61/1.40* SLSTR L2 (SL_2) 06.18 L1 PN (2.61/1.40)
28/05/2020 Operational:
From: 28/05/2020
To: 14/12/2020
Update to the SLSTR-B SSES ADF to compensate for the cold finger temperature increase that occurred on 30th March 2020. There is no change to the SLSTR-A processing baseline.
PB 2.61/1.33* SLSTR L2 (SL_2) 06.18 L2 PN (2.61/1.33)
15/01/2020 Operational:
From: 15/01/2020
To: 27/05/2020
Update to the quality level assignment to flag data affected by spacecraft manoeuvres and an adjustment to the per pixel time in the SL_2_WST product to account for the offset of the first valid pixel within a scan.
PB 2.59/1.31* SLSTR L1 (SL_1) 06.17 L1 PN (2.59/1.31)
15/01/2020 Operational:
From: 15/01/2020
To: 08/06/2020
New regridding, changes to product format, fire channel co-registration.
PB 2.46/1.18* SLSTR L1 (SL_1) 06.16
SLSTR L2 (SL_2) 06.16
L2 PN (2.46/1.18)
12/03/2019 Operational:
From: 12/03/2019
To: Current
Initial public release of SLSTR-B L2 data.
Small adjustment to quality levels to improve daytime QL=5 availability.
PB 2.37/1.12* SLSTR L1 (SL_1) 06.16
SLSTR L2 (SL_2) 06.15
L1 PN (2.37/1.12)
07/11/2018 Operational:
From: 02/08/2018 (SLSTR-A)
11/11/2018 (SLSTR-B) To: 11/03/2019
Initial public release of SLSTR-B L1B data.
PB 2.37 SLSTR L1 (SL_1) 06.16
SLSTR L2 (SL_2) 06.15
L1 PN (2.37)
L2 PN (2.37)
02/08/2018 Operational:
From: 02/08/2018
To: 06/11/2018
Updates to ECMWF MET fields to correct for misalignment.
Update to a-priori temperature field for improved Bayesian cloud flagging.
PB 2.29/2.33 SLSTR L1 (SL_1) 06.15
SLSTR L2 (SL_2) 06.14
L1 PN (2.29)
L2 PN (2.33)
04/04/2018 Reprocessed "Spring 2018":From: 19/04/2016
To: 04/04/2018
Data Store
From: 04/04/2018
To: 01/08/2018
Introduction of new Bayesian cloud flagging.
SST scale_factor and offset modified according to GHRSST specifications.
PB 2.17/2.18 SLSTR L1 (SL_1) 06.14
SLSTR L2 (SL_2) 06.12
L1 PN (2.17)
L2 PN (2.18)
05/07/2017 Operational:
From: 05/07/2017
To: 03/04/2018

For a complete list of changes, please consult the product notices listed above.