Super Typhoon Halong

Super Typhoon Halong

03 August 2014 00:50 UTC

Super Typhoon Halong
Super Typhoon Halong

In early August Typhoon Halong became the third super typhoon of 2014 in the Western Pacific basin.

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05 November 2020

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03 August 2014

The wide-open eye can be seen in the Metop-A image from 3 August, 00:50 UTC. The image is a combination of the visible (VIS0.86) channel (in black and white) and infrared (IR12.0) channel. The infrared shows the cold temperatures. The coldest and most intense areas of the storm are shown as bright pink/magenta, around 200 K (-73 °C).

The typhoon rapidly intensified on 1–2 August. In just 24 hours Halong went from a typhoon with sustained winds of 120 km/h to a super typhoon with winds in excess of 240 km/h.

Super Typhoon Halong
Figure 1: Metop-A Visible and infrared, 3 Aug 00:50 UTC


Halong made landfall in Japan on the evening of 9 August. A rare emergency weather warning for all-time record rainfall was issued in Mie Prefecture. 528mm of rain was recorded at Funato, Wakayama Prefecture, during 9 August. At least nine people were killed and thousands evacuated.


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