Super Typhoon Nuri

Super Typhoon Nuri

4 November 2014 01:20 UTC

Super Typhoon Nuri
Super Typhoon Nuri

Super Typhoon Nuri became one of the most powerful tropical cyclones of 2014 on 2 November as it travelled over the open waters of the western Pacific Ocean, east of the Philippines and south of Japan.

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06 September 2022

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04 November 2014

Typhoon Nuri formed in the western Pacific Ocean on 30 October, then increased in intensity over the following weekend.

It became the equivalent of category 5 in 24 hours, with maximum sustained winds of 290km/h (180mph), tying with Super Typhoon Vongfong as the strongest storm of 2014.

The imagery shows the typhoon as seen by the Metop-B satellite on 4 November, when the storm was directly south of Japan and beginning to slightly weaken.

The first image shows the winds from the ASCAT instrument overlaid on the infrared image. The area of hurricane force winds (red) and a well-developed eye structure can be clearly seen.

The second image is the IR10.8 channel from the AVHRR instrument, the coldest clouds are shown in dark red (190K/-85°C).

Metop-B, 04 November 2014, 01:20 UTC
Figure 1: Metop-B Channel 04 (IR10.8) and 12.5km ASCAT winds, 4 November, 01:20 UTC
Metop-B, 04 November 2014, 01:20 UTC
Figure 2: Metop-B Channel 04 (IR10.8), 4 November, 01:20 UTC

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