Wind farm at sea

Support to Climate Services

Developing authoritative climate data records

Wind farm at sea
Wind farm at sea

The climate service develops and implements robust, sustainable, and scientifically defensible approaches to provide authoritative climate data records.

Last Updated

28 July 2020

Published on

13 May 2020

The climate service does this using the full potential of historical (up to over 40 years) and present EUMETSAT sensor data and, for several climate data records, sensor data of other Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellite (CGMS) space agencies.

Many of the climate data records are a significant contribution to the climate services of the EUMETSAT Member States, as well as to the Climate Data Store of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

As well as the climate data records from the climate service, the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility (SAF) network, such as the Climate Monitoring SAF (CM SAF) or the Atmospheric Composition SAF (AC SAF), also produces climate data records.