Thunderstorm in Mallorca

29 October 2013 12:09–16:29 UTC


One of the first thunderstorms of autumn caused large amounts of rainfall and extreme winds in Mallorca.

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22 October 2020

Published on

29 October 2013

The convective system reached the island of Mallorca following months of summer drought. The temperatures had been unusually high for October, above 30 °C. As a result of the first episode of convection affecting the Balearic islands this autumn, large amounts of rainfall and extreme winds were recorded in Mallorca.

There were more than 6,000 lightning strokes in three hours across the island and 51 mm of rain in 15 minutes caused flooding in Port de'Andratx.

The intensity of the system caused the local airport to be closed and a blackout in Palma. The vortex moved slowly in an easterly direction across the island.

Download animation , HRV, 12:09–16:29 UTC
Download animation , IR10.8, 12:09–17:04 UTC


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