IR10.89 NWC SAF precipitating clouds

Top ten case studies for 2021

January–December 2021

 IR10.89 NWC SAF precipitating clouds
 IR10.89 NWC SAF precipitating clouds

A look at our most popular case studies from 2021.

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19 December 2022

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01 January 2022

We've taken a look back at the case studies entries we've produced this year and compiled a list of our most popular studies in 2021.

Our case on the Catastrophic tornado in the Czech Republic gained the most visits and the Devastating floods in western Europe got the most engagement on social media.


2021 case studies

Catastrophic tornado in Czech Republic

1: Catastrophic tornado in the Czech Republic

In the late afternoon of 24 June 2021 a tornado hit south-eastern parts of the Czech Republic resulting in casualties and huge material damage.

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 IR10.89 NWC SAF precipitating clouds

2: Devastating floods in western Europe

A slow moving upper-level low brought devastating floods to parts of north west Germany and other parts of western Europe in July 2021.

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OLCI false colour RGB, 15 May 2021

3: Tracking the Gulf Stream with satellite data

Using satellite data from multiple satellite instruments to track the Gulf Stream.

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Gulf Stream temperature

4: Gulf Stream visible off Virginia coast

In January 2021, a gap in the clouds gave a clear view on the Gulf Stream east of Virginia, USA.

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Aqua MODIS Natural Color, 1 Oct 14:41 UTC

5: Gravity waves over Cumbre Vieja volcano

Eruptions from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, on the Canary Islands, caused unique gravity wave oscillations captured through a concentric cloud waves, in October 2021.

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Terra TCOL 19 Feb 2021

6: Arctic blast turned US white

A band of ice from freezing rain over Texas could be clearly seen in RGB imagery on 19 February 2021.

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Terra MODIS True Color RGB, 28 Feb 2021

7: Mount Etna very active in February & March 2021

In February and March 2021, regular Etna eruptions were observed from space.

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Sentinel-3 OLCI True Colour 10 April 2021

8: Tropical cyclone Seroja undergoes Fujiwhara effect

In April 2021 two tropical cyclones underwent the phenomena known as the Fujiwhara effect, when TC Seroja consumed an unnamed tropical storm.

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Changes in annual cycle of Arctic and Antarctic Sea ice area since the 1980s

9: State of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice in 2021

The effects of climate change are not the same in the Arctic and Antarctic. While almost 75% of the Arctic sea ice has disappeared, the state of sea ice in Antarctic seems stable, at least for now.

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Terra MODIS True Colour RGB at 11:55 UTC, with pasted Meteosat 11 Ash RGB at 11:55 over similar domain, 4 October 2021

10: Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption

The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma erupted on 19 September 2021, causing thousands to be evacuated.

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