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Top ten case studies for 2022

January–December 2022

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A look at our most popular case studies from 2022.

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01 January 2023

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01 January 2023

We've taken a look back at the case studies entries we've produced this year and compiled a list of our most popular studies in 2022.

Our case on Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai major eruptions the gained the most visits and the the most engagement on social media.


2022 case studies

Himawari-8 TCOL and IR 13 Jan 2022

1: Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai major eruptions

In January 2022 the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai in the Pacific Ocean erupted twice causing major gravity and shockwaves to reverberate around the world.

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Soil temperature maxima in July 2022

2: Heatwaves across Western Europe

Extremely high and persistent temperatures across west Europe and UK led to widespread heatwaves and wildfire outbreaks in mid-July 2022.

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OLCI false colour RGB, 15 May 2021

3: Phytoplankton bloom in the Black Sea

Intense and colourful bloom of various phytoplankton species across the Black Sea in early July 2022.

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Hydrogen sulphide plumes off the Namibian coast

4: Hydrogen sulphide plumes off the Namibian coast

High biomass phytoplankton blooms lead to deoxygenation and the release of hydrogen sulphide in Namibian coastal waters, with devastating impacts on marine life and regional fishing activities.

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Sentinel-3 OLCI, 15 and 17 March 2022

5: Widespread dust intrusion across Europe

A continental-wide plume of Saharan dust extended across the Mediterranean Sea up as far as northern Europe in March 2022.

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Meteosat-8 Natural Colour RGB

6: What has Meteosat-8 seen in 20 years?

As Meteosat-8 headed into retirement, we took a look back at some memorable moments captured by the first Meteosat Second Generation satellite.

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Sentinel-3 natural colour from the OLCI sensor on 1 February 2022

7: Winds drive deep water formation in Gulf of Lion

Using satellite data to analyse the effect of Mistral and Tramontane winds on the Gulf of Lion circulation.

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Antarctic Sea Ice Index 2022

8: Antarctic sea ice at a long-term minimum

The Antarctic ice is completing the seasonal melting phase, following the Antarctic summer. The extent of the sea ice at the end of February 2022 is the lowest in the last 44 years - the period when satellites have been used to monitor the ice.

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 Sea surface temperature anomaly in the Mediterranean over the first 20 days of August 2022

9: Marine heatwave intensification threatens coral reef health

The past four decades experienced a dramatic increase in number and intensity of marine heatwave episodes. These episodes of persistent anomalously warm ocean temperatures pose a serious threat to the health of marine ecosystems around the globe.

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Sentinel-3 OLCI True Colour RGB on 10 September, 300m pixel resolution

10: Monsoon floods in Pakistan

Since the beginning of June, Pakistan has seen major flooding associated with the 2022 Monsoon.

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