Man typing in laptop. Credit: kite_rin

Transition from the Data Centre to the Data Store


Man typing in laptop. Credit: kite_rin
Man typing in laptop. Credit: kite_rin

Data access from the Data Centre is being migrated to the Data Store, for easier and faster access.

Last Updated

21 November 2023

Published on

04 May 2023

The transition, in the coming months, is organised in a staged approach, involving reductions to the catalogue, the customisation offer, and the service level of the Data Centre.


Reduction of the Data Centre product customisations

As of mid-June 2023, the following customisations are no longer supported for MSG and Metop orders. Users are encouraged to customise their data deliveries on the Data Tailor:

  • Region of Interest/Geographical Area subsetting.
  • Channel/Band/Variable subsetting.
  • Reformatting to image formats (PNG, JPEG, TIFF).
  • Reformatting to HDF5.
  • Reformatting to McIdas AREA files – no longer supported.

Reduction of the Data Centre catalogue

The timeline below provides an overview of when data which is in the Data Store will be removed from the Data Centre.

  • 17 April: historical Sentinel-6 data (sensing time before 28/04/2022).
  • From 2023 Q4: access to MFG, MSG, Metop, Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-6 mission data is removed from the Data Centre for those collections which are available on the Data Store, where the 'best quality data'* is available for each orbit / slot. This is rolled out in a staged approach as follows:
  • Unlike the Data Centre (tape based archive), the Data Store (online disk based repository) offers in general only the best quality data available for each product type / orbit. This means that the reprocessed datasets are offered by default and gaps are filled with NTC data, or STC/NRT when no NTC is available. The NRT data is typically only available for the most recent orbits, where no NTC data has been produced yet. Further details on which collections are offering which product types are available on the Data Store user knowledge base:

For full details, see: Switching the data access from the Data Centre to the Data Store for faster delivery times

For training in using the new data services see: Transitioning from Data Centre to Data Store, Data Tailor and Data Access Client (EUMDAC)

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.