Tropical cylone Pam hits Vanuatu

Tropical cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu

09 March 2015 00:32 UTC–15 March 18:32 UTC

Tropical cylone Pam hits Vanuatu
Tropical cylone Pam hits Vanuatu

Pam was a category 5 tropical cyclone when it hit the Vanuatu islands in the South Pacific, causing devastating damage.

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22 October 2020

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08 March 2015

The category five storm, with winds of 265 km/h (165mph), struck populated areas when it reached Vanuatu early on Saturday. It left a trail of destruction across the island and at least eight people dead.

The MTSAT-2 infrared animation , 9 March 00:32 UTC–15 March 18:32 UTC, shows the cyclone's journey over the six days. On 9/10 March it can be seen as it formed north of 20° S, before making its southward trajectory. During the night of 13/14 March it passed just east of Vanuatu and the eye 'grazed' Port Vila on 13 March 12:32 UTC (13 March 21:32 local time). After hitting Vanuatu the cyclone took an accelerated southward track towards New Zealand, where it dissolved on 15/16 March.

On the MTSAT-2 image from 12 March 21:40 UTC (Figure 1) complex structures of gravity waves and radial banding can be seen around the eye. On the MTSAT-2 image with the ASCAT coastal winds overlaid (Figure 2), sustained southerly winds of at least 30–40 kts, or 55–75 km/h can be seen, as the cyclone headed towards Vanuatu.

Image comparison

Figure 2: MTSAT-2 image with ASCAT coastal winds overlaid compare1

Comparison of MTSAT-2 imagery with and without ASCAT coastal winds

The ASCAT data shows sustained winds were at least 60 kts or 110 km/h from 12 to 14 March — 60 kts is the saturation value of ASCAT. These wind speeds are also indicated on the similar MTSAT-2 with ASCAT winds imagery from 13 and 14 March (Figure 3 and 4).

 MTSAT-2, 13 March 21:30 UTC
Figure 3: MTSAT-2, 13 March 21:30 UTC
 MTSAT-2, 14 March 21:10 UTC
Figure 4: MTSAT-2, 14 March 21:10 UTC
Visible with ASCAT coastal winds overlaid

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