Typhoon Matmo

18 July 2014 15:32 UTC–24 July 05:32 UTC


Typhoon Matmo hit Taiwan and China in July 2014, just days after Super Typhoon ravaged parts of southern China.

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06 September 2022

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18 July 2014

At least 13 people died when Matmo made landfall in China on 23 July, bringing strong winds and heavy downpours to several provinces. Earlier the typhoon had dumped torrential rain on Taiwan.

The infrared imagery from the Japanese satellite MTSAT, shows Typhoon Matmo's progress over the Pacific, Taiwan and China, from 18 July 15:32 UTC to 24 July 05:32. In the first frames, on the far left, the remnants of Typhoon Rammasun can be seen.

The Metop-B AVHRR RGB composite shows Typhoon Matmo positioned over Taiwan on 23 July, 02:00 UTC.

Typhoon Matmo
Figure 1: Metop-B AVHRR RGB, 23 July, 02:00 UTC

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