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New version of EUMETSAT User Notification Service (UNS) web interface available


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A new version of EUMETSAT User Notification Service (UNS) web interface is available from 16 February 2022.

Last Updated

16 February 2022

Published on

16 February 2022

The User Notification Service gives up-to-date information on scheduled maintenance outages, new product releases and enhancements, and service alerts when anomalies occur.

The new version of the UNS web interface includes the following new features:

  • Calendar tab, displaying all the applicable announcements for the displayed time range. The calendar has a daily, weekly or monthly view. The calendar allows filtering of the calendar view and exporting the displayed announcements to iCalendar file format (β€œ.ics”).
Calendar view of the new UNS web interface
  • Integrated OSSI status tab, displaying a near real-time view of the timeliness and availability of the operational services provided by EUMETSAT (OSSI = Operational Service Status Indicator).
OSSI status in new UNS web interface
  • New Revision History announcement field. It holds the detailed text of previous revisions, while the Details text field will now only have the latest information. This will improve readability.
Revision history in new UNS web interface
  • Revision Number of an announcement is now starting from '0' for the original version of an announcement, instead of '1'. It will increment with each new release of an update, as before. The revision prefix for revision '0' is now '[Original]:'. The subsequent prefixes stay in the same format as currently (e.g. '[Rev. 1]', '[Rev. 2]'). See also screenshot above.

To access the User Notification Service, go to

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.