GOME-2 A Spot

Upcoming release of GOME-2 Level 1 PPF V7

GOME-2 A Spot
GOME-2 A Spot

GOME-2 Level 1 Product Processing Facility (PPF) Version 7 is planned to be released on 25 May 2021.

Last Updated

07 May 2021

Published on

28 January 2021

This release will comprise updates to the algorithms used for calibration and for the FRESCO parameters included in the GOME Level 1B products. In addition, a change in the format of the Level 1A and Level 1B products will be introduced.

The changes are detailed below:

  • Update of FRESCO+ algorithm to version 2, with implementation of angular DLER.
  • Update of the Spectral Calibration algorithm based on Fraunhofer solar lines.
  • Implemented algorithm for spectral shift over orbit with respect to PDP temperature.
  • Implemented Dead Pixel Mask algorithm.
  • Update of product format to version 13.0:
    • Addition of a new specific record to the L1A product, holding the spectral calibration derived from Fraunhofer lines algorithm.
    • Update of parameters containing the results of the improved FRESCO+ algorithm.
    • Addition of a new record to the L1A product, with dead pixel mask derived from White Light Source or Dark measurements.
    • Addition of a corresponding Product Confidence Data record for Spectral Calibration with Fraunhofer algorithm
    • Addition in the VIADR-SMR (common to L1A and L1B products) of fields for identifying the source of the solar spectrum measurements (direct or empirical calculation), and for holding the backup solar reference as effectively measured by the instrument.
    • Update in the L1B product of parameters containing the results of the improved FRESCO+ algorithm.
User documentation

GOME-2 Level 1 Product Format Specification
GOME-2 Level 1 Product Format Specification - Annexe

Test data

GOME-2 L1 V7 test data is available via our ftp server:

A zip folder containing the updated xmls for reading the GOME-2 L1A and L1B products can be downloaded from our FTP server. This may be needed by users making use of the EUMETSAT tools like Kai and Eugene.

Download the zip folder

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.