Ocean surface at sunset

Update to JAXA’s AMSR-2 SST product


Ocean surface at sunset
Ocean surface at sunset

JAXA will update the GCOM-W1 AMSR-2 Sea Surface Temperature product on 27 July 2022.

Last Updated

14 July 2022

Published on

14 July 2022

The AMSR-2 Sea Surface Temperature in GHRSST format will be updated to Version 4.1.

This will involve an update to the filenames.

Current filename example


New filename example (from 27 July)


The current version of the product, V4.0, shows decreasing trends versus drifting buoys in the Northern tropics and sub-tropics. The new Version 4.1 product will correct this bias with improved RMSE and bias in 10N-40N regions. It will also improve wind and atmospheric correction to retrieve SST under windy and weak-rain conditions, where SST is set to missing in V4.0, with quality level of ‘Acceptable quality (QL=4)’.

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