Update to Metop AVHRR Atmospheric Motion Vectors



Dual AVHRR Atmospheric Motion Vectors (winds) will stop using Metop-A data from 7 July 2021.

Last Updated

19 April 2023

Published on

23 June 2021

Dual AVHRR winds include the global winds and the triplet mode polar winds.

The global Metop-A winds (GTS headers: IEVX41 EUMC and IEVX42 EUMC) and the triplet Metop-A winds (GTS headers: IEVX71 EUMC and IEVX72 EUMC) will be discontinued on 7 July.

The single polar winds from Metop-A (GTS headers: IEVX11 EUMC and IEVX12 EUMC) will remain available until the end of life of Metop-A.

The wind products with Metop-B as reference platform are unchanged and already use Metop-C data for dual operations.

The wind products with Metop-C as reference platform will use Metop-B instead of Metop-A data for dual operations. The product names and the GTS headers will not change. The products, which are encoded in the BUFR format, always report the satellites actually used.

The total number of winds for the Metop-C/Metop-B pair is expected to be lower than for the Metop-C/Metop-A pair, due to the smaller overlap of their orbits.

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