Waves breaking on sea wall

Update to Sentinel-3 SRAL Level-2P Wave product

Waves breaking on sea wall
Waves breaking on sea wall

The SRAL L2P Wave product from Sentinel-3A and -3B will be updated on 8 April 2021.

Last Updated

29 June 2021

Published on

17 March 2021

The update will consist of the inclusion of a new wind variable.

This new wind variable is computed with Gourrion (2002) algorithm using Collard (2005) table.

The algorithm is based on: Gourrion, J., D. Vandemark, S. Bailey, B. Chapron, G. P. Gommenginger, P. G. Challenor, and M. A. Srokosz, 2002. A two-parameter wind speed algorithm for Ku-Band altimeters, J. Atmos. and Oceanic Tech., 19, 2030-2048.

It uses the table provided by (in French): Collard, F., 2005, Algorithmes de vent et période moyenne des vagues JASON à base de réseaux de neurones, BO-021-CLS-0407-RF, Boost Technologies, 33pp.

For more information, see the Wave Along-track Level-2+ (L2P) page. The updated product handbook will be made available soon.

Wind speed product
Figure 1: Wind Speed values (m/s) of Copernicus Sentinel-3A/B Level-2 Plus (L2P) product

The SRAL L2P Wave product is processed by the Sentinel-3 L2P/L3 Marine Altimetry Service (CNES/CLS), in the frame of a EUMETSAT contract, part of the Copernicus Programme funded by the European Union.

This product is available in Near-Real Time and the service is operational.

A sample file of the updated product is available on our ftp site:

The product is distributed on EUMETCast, as follows:

Product EUMETCast Europe (High Volume Service, Transponder 2) EUMETCast Terrestrial
Sentinel-3A SRAL L2P Wave product Channel: E2H-S3A-07
PID: 610
Multicast address:
Channel: T01-S3A-06
Multicast address:
Sentinel-3B SRAL L2P Wave product Channel: E2H-S3B-07
PID: 610
Multicast address:
Channel: T01-S3B-06
Multicast address:

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