Clouds with sun rays

Update to a sub-set of Meteosat 0° cloud products


Clouds with sun rays
Clouds with sun rays

The ‘Europe and North-Atlantic’ sub-set of Meteosat 0° cloud products generated by EUMETSAT, using the NWC SAF GEO software package, will be updated on 10 March 2021.

Last Updated

06 May 2022

Published on

18 February 2021

The products are:

In November 2020, these products were upgraded from Version 2016 to Version 2018 of the NWC SAF GEO software package.

With the upgrade to V2018, the geographical coverage of these products was reduced to only the European continent without adjacent areas.

On 10 March, these products will be updated to extend their geographical coverage such that the East-West extension in pixel is 2295 (instead of 1530).

Some sample files are available on our FTP server:

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