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Updated MTG FCI Level 1C test dataset released


MTG Imaging A Spot
MTG Imaging A Spot

An updated 26-hour Flexible Combined Imager Level 1C test dataset for format familiarisation has been released (TD-298).

Last Updated

13 October 2023

Published on

03 December 2021

This release is an update to a previously delivered FCI Level 1C test dataset that was released to users in July 2020 (TD-272).

Dataset description

This test dataset contains 26 hours of FCI level 1C full-disc FDHSI data to be used for format familiarisation. The format for these data is derived from:

  • MTG Generic Format Specification, V4A
  • MTG FCI Level 0 and 1 Format Specification, V4C

Thus, providing a data format as close as possible to the data format of the future FCI data. The majority of variables and attributes have been filled with representative values. Remaining limitations are described in the package description. The term dataset refers to a number of associated files. In this case, the files of each dataset are all associated to an FCI repeat cycle.

No internal compression has been applied to this test dataset.

Package usage

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Test data package description

For more information and feedback on the datasets, contact our User Service Helpdesk.