User working on a laptop. Credit: Alex

Updated version of EUMETSAT Data Access Client released


User working on a laptop. Credit: Alex
User working on a laptop. Credit: Alex

New release of EUMETSAT Data Access Client now supports Data Tailor and Subscription API.

Last Updated

05 January 2023

Published on

09 June 2022

To make it easier for our users to interact with EUMETSAT’s data access services, we have released an updated version of our data access API client. The API client now supports command-line interface and there is a new option to subscribe to Data Store collections.

The EUMETSAT Data Access API Client (EUMDAC) simplifies the way users can discover, search, download, and customise data contained in the Data Store. Instead of writing lengthy code to download a particular product type for a specific time range, the user can do this with one or a few simple commands, invoking the client.

Two types of Data Access Client are available:

  1. Python library — comes packed with methods and tips for using EUMETSAT's APIs and services. Just 'import eumdac' and begin coding.
  2. Command-line executable — allows users with little or no programming background to access the Data Store and Data Tailor from a command line, allowing the automation/scripting of jobs.

New in this release

EUMDAC 1.1.0 has some minor enhancements and bug fixes in the Python library and now supports Python 3.7 environments.

The main focus of this release is to support the Data Tailor in the Command Line Interface. This update brings basic job management capabilities for the Data Tailor into the CLI:

  • Start customisations for single products with individual configurations through a chain file (YAML).
  • Get relevant information about single customisation and list all customisations from the user account (including logs).
  • Stop and delete customisations to clean the workspace.
  • Download the customised product.

Additionally, the Python library and the CLI bring interfaces to work with the new Data Store subscriptions API.

The client is already available in the EUMETLab public repository

Information on installation, usage and training material, including updated Jupyter Notebooks, can be found in the EUMDAC knowledge base.

New subscription API

The Data Store subscription API enables users to sign up for the Data Store notification service, which notifies users of new data that match specified criteria. Criteria can include the collection ID of a given product and a region of interest. Users will receive notifications of new products that match these criteria when they become available on the Data Store catalogue.

To use the subscription API, users must set up an HTTP listening service to catch the notifications that the Data Store releases. The Using the Subscription API user guide has been added to the Data Store knowledge base showing how to set up such a listening service and how to process the notifications in Python

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.