GOES-16 satellite

Updates to GOES-16/17 software

Credit: NASA

GOES-16 satellite
GOES-16 satellite

A GOES-16/17 software patch is planned to go live on 2 September 2020.

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22 January 2021

Published on

13 August 2020

The GOES-16/17 software patch by NOAA will result in minor changes to GOES-East/West ABI L1b and GOES-East Space Weather L1b products disseminated by EUMETSAT. A number of sample files to be used for format testing are now available for users via our ftp server:
Note: These files should only be used for format testing.

See the NOAA announcement providing full details of the software patch installation changes.

No data outage will occur when the updates go live.

For further information email NOAA's User Services.