Dry, cracked soil

Upgraded LSA SAF MSG Land Surface Temperature product on EUMETCast soon

Dry, cracked soil
Dry, cracked soil

An upgraded version of the LSA SAF MSG Land Surface Temperature product will be available on EUMETCast from 27 April 2021.

Last Updated

20 April 2021

Published on

08 April 2021

The product, LSA-004, is an upgraded version of the 15-minute MSG Land Surface Temperature (MLST) product (LSA-001).

LSA-004 brings the following changes:

  • An extra data-layer quantifying the directional effects on LST, namely: an estimation of the difference between the LST of each scene/pixel as viewed by SEVIRI/MSG with respect to what would be measured by a nadir-only sensor.
  • The geographical region will be the full MSG-Disk instead of the former geographical regions (Euro, NAfr, SAfr and SAme).
  • The HDF5 output files are internally compressed.

For more information, see: https://landsaf.ipma.pt/en/products/land-surface-temperature/lst/

LSA 004
Example product

The LSA-004 and the LSA-001 will be distributed in parallel for a two-month period, after which the LSA-001 will be discontinued (an announcement for this will be issued in due course).

The LSA-004 will be distributed on EUMETCast, as follows:

EUMETCast Europe

Channel: E1B-SAF-2
Multicast address:
PID: 500

EUMETCast Africa

Channel: A1C-SAF-2
Multicast address:
PID: 500

EUMETCast Terrestrial

Channel: T01-SAF
Multicast address:

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Users already subscribed to receive LSA SAF products via EUMETCast will receive this new product automatically. Other users wishing to receive this product should register via our Earth Observation Portal (EOP).

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.