EUMETSAT provides comprehensive support to developing countries, particularly in Africa

Changing rainfall patterns are predicted to have a negative impact on agriculture and food and water security, while extreme weather events, such as severe storms, droughts and floods are expected to increase in frequency and intensity. In addition, sea level rise, combined with storm surges and breaking waves, is predicted to threaten coastal areas, potentially causing major population shifts.

European nations that have joined forces in EUMETSAT have made support of Africa a strategic objective and, in doing so, combine their efforts with the European Union, the African Union and the World Meteorological Organization. A number of projects and initiatives have already taken place to help the African meteorological community meet its national and regional requirements in terms of severe weather warnings, water and agriculture management, and mitigation of the effects of natural hazards and climate change.

EUMETSAT’s cooperation with Africa is part of its strategic objective to “expand the user base for EUMETSAT data, products and services in EUMETSAT Member States and among WMO Members”. This overall objective is expressed in the wider framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and the World Meteorological Organization’s regional plans. 

Contributing to the joint africa-eu strategy (jaes)

The European Union and the African states adopted the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES) in 2007 and renewed it in 2010 and 2014 at EU-Africa Summits. The JAES outlines a long-term, shared vision of the future of Africa-EU relations and defines priorities, notably related to climate, environment, and space.

Contribution to the WMO Regional Operational Plan and to the integrated African Strategy on Meteorology (weather and climate services)

EUMETSAT activities contribute to WMO objectives in Africa and are specifically highlighted in the EUMETSAT strategy: “The objective shall be to help the meteorological communities in Africa get easier access to EUMETSAT data, products and services and to make best use of available and planned satellite services in order to help individual countries and regions to meet their respective needs”.

In particular, EUMETSAT takes into account the integrated African Strategy on Meteorology (Weather and Climate services) in planning and implementing its activities in Africa.  

from strategy to action

Over the past 25 years, activities have been established to support EUMETSAT’s strategic objectives towards Africa, and these are continuing to make a key contribution within the framework of the WMO and Joint EU-Africa strategies. These activities are implemented by EUMETSAT directly or through various projects and initiatives and include:

  1. satellite data coverage of Africa ensured with an appropriate data policy
  2. real-time data access to African users via EUMETCast/GEONETCast
  3. strengthening capacity to exploit satellite data through training
  4. ensuring close links with African users (Biennial User Forum in Africa, EUMETSAT Help Desk)
  5. supporting projects and initiatives in Africa (PUMA, AMESD, MESA, SAWIDRA, GMES and Africa).



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