Meteorological Graduate Placement

The Meteorological Graduate Training placement exists primarily to provide training opportunities, on a Secondment basis, to employees of the National Meteorological Services of its Member and Cooperating States.

These placements are initially for six months, with the option to extend by a further three months.

No salary is paid, however an Honorarium of between EUR 1,120 and EUR 1,700 per month will be paid.

Travel expenses to relocate temporarily to Darmstadt on taking up the placement and at the end will be reimbursed.

Trainees are responsible for providing their own health and accident insurance.

Trainees are responsible for finding their own accommodation.

Selection process

A selection panel will assess your application against the requirements for the placement, and will create a shortlist of applicants to interview.

If you are shortlisted you will be invited to a personal interview either at our HQ in Darmstadt or via phone or video-call. Interviews are structured based on technical skills, and the potential for you to acquire skills and experience that will be of benefit to you and your institution. You should therefore be prepared to talk about what you expect to gain from the opportunity (see also our webpage Preparing for Interviews for other general advice).

The selection panel will decide on a candidate to recommend for selection. The ultimate selection decision is taken by the Director General, and the Personnel Division will inform candidates whether or not they have been selected. If you are not selected we will, on request, give you feedback on your application and/or interview.

How to Apply

Recruitment takes place in April and October each year, and the deadlines for applications are 1st April and 1st October. Applications received after each deadline will be taken forward to be considered in the next round of recruitment.

You can apply by sending us an email at, attaching your CV, letter of motivation, and a short outline of a research project on exploiting EUMETSAT satellite data for your area of interest, which would benefit your institution and EUMETSAT, and can fit in the six- to nine-month duration.

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