FAQs for Interview Travel

If you have been selected for interview at EUMETSAT, there is a chance you will have to make travel arrangements to reach our headquarters in Darmstadt.

These are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q: When am I entitled to travel reimbursement?

A: You are entitled to the reimbursement of expenses you incur for travelling to EUMETSAT HQ for a job interview (Note: does not apply to EUMETSAT staff). Please note reimbursement of travel expenses will be based on a direct return trip between the address specified on your application and Darmstadt. In any  other cases prior authorisation from the Recruitment team is required.

Q: What will be reimbursed?

A: EUMETSAT will reimburse the following expenses:

  • Flight/train/ferry tickets;

  • Bus/tram fares;

  • Taxi fares, if suitable public transport is not available;

  • Road toll and airport parking costs;

  • Private car travel at a certain cost per kilometre calculated on the basis of the quickest usual route. If you are considering travelling to an interview by car, please enquire beforehand what your kilometric allowance would be.

Q: What is the ‘subsistence allowance’?

A: All interview candidates (except current EUMETSAT staff) based further than 50km away from EUMETSAT HQ will be eligible for a subsistence allowance, which varies annually, on top of the other travel costs incurred. You are not required to account for expenditure of this allowance by providing receipts (but see below about travel receipts).

Q: Can I get reimbursement for staying in a hotel?

A: EUMETSAT does not reimburse accommodation costs as such, but if you can show that it is impossible for you to travel to and from EUMETSAT for your interview within 1 day, your subsistence allowance may be doubled, which should suffice to enable you to cover the cost of a night’s accommodation and other out of pocket expenses.

Q: Does EUMETSAT reimburse rental car costs?

A: No.

Q: Does EUMETSAT reimburse food costs?

A: No, the subsistence payment is intended for such expenses.

Q: Will EUMETSAT reimburse re-booking fees if I change my flight details?

A: If the re-booking is due to a change in arrangements made by EUMETSAT, then any fees will be reimbursed. If you re-book through your own choice, you will be liable for the costs.

Q: Which is the closest airport to EUMETSAT?

A: Frankfurt International airport is the closest airport to EUMETSAT and is only a 30 minute drive from the EUMETSAT HQ.

Q: Can I fly into other airports?

A: In certain cases it may be more convenient for candidates to fly into Frankfurt Hahn as opposed to Frankfurt International. If you are considering flying into Hahn, please contact EUMETSAT’s recruitment team before you book anything in order to clarify exactly what your entitlements are.

Q: How will my travel reimbursement be processed?

A: You will need to provide original tickets, receipts and boarding passes to the EUMETSAT recruitment team on your arrival at the interview, as well as your bank details, including IBAN and SWIFT/BIC numbers if your bank is based outside of Germany. For your return journey, you will need to keep all the original tickets, receipts and boarding passes and post them to the EUMETSAT recruitment team when the journey is complete. Once all documents have been collected, your details will be passed to the Finance Division for the payment to be processed.

Q: How long will it take for the payment to be made?

A: The processing of the payment usually takes 2-3 weeks from the day all the travel documents are submitted to the Finance Division for processing.

Q: Is there anyone I can contact for further information?

A: If you have been invited for an interview, you will in any case be in regular contact with EUMETSAT’s recruitment team who will be happy to provide any extra clarification where necessary.

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